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3 Obvious Reasons to Use a Cat Litter Disposal System

Why use a cat litter disposal system?

No one, not even die-hard cat fanatics, wants a smelly litter box in their home. Enter the cat litter disposal system. An ingenious solution to this very problem. Like a diaper bin for babies, a cat litter disposal system traps odors and mess. Today, we’re reviewing our top 5. 

Our top five cat litter disposal systems

  1. Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Disposal System
  2. Litter Genie Plus Pail
  3. PetFusion Portable Cat Litter Disposal
  4. PawPail Pet Waste Station
  5. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

What is a cat litter disposal system?

Emptying the litter box is a dreaded chore and disposing of cat poop without stinking up the whole house is challenging.  A cat litter disposal system is a specially designed cat litter trash can. It contains odors and provides a convenient and safe litter disposal solution. Think diaper disposal but for cats. 

These systems have 3 main parts. A container with an air-tight lid, that keeps funky odors from escaping. A carbon-based refill cartridge and waste disposal bags. 

The waste bags are generally more robust than standard cat poop bags. Some are even biodegradable, breaking down completely within five to 10 months. And a packet of bags can last 6 to 10 weeks in a single-cat household. 

Each disposal system works in the same way. You open the litter pail, insert a fresh waste liner and replace the pail back into the container. Once full, use the cutter to remove the filled part of the liner, then seal it and dump it in the garbage. 

It’s much cleaner and more sanitary than using pet poop bags and a litter scooper. But, waste liners can be pricey. This is the biggest drawback of a litter disposal system. Still, they’re worth it if you have allergies or kids in the house. Or, want a fresher smelling environment!
Maine coon cat peers out of cardboard box.

Advantages of a litter disposal system

Dealing with cat litter on a daily basis is one of the downsides to having a feline family member. It can also be hazardous to your health. Opting for a cat litter disposal system has many advantages—here are a few:

Odor control

One of the biggest advantages of a cat litter disposal system is containing odors. Your cat’s urine is rich in pheromones and hormones that release ammonia and mercaptan odors (1). 

This stench can penetrate into rooms and linger in your home. If you have more than one cat, it’s even more intense. The smell of cat poop isn’t any better. A dirty litter box can be a deterrent to cats as well. Keeping a clean box will keep your cat going in the right location and helps with litter box training. A litter disposal system with an air-tight lid or trapper will keep all the funk inside and out of your living room. 


Litter disposal systems are super convenient for cat parents. They can significantly reduce the time it takes to clean a litter box.

Although there are several ways to clean a litter box, none is as efficient as a litter disposal system. This is because they’re straightforward and quick to use. All the kitty waste goes into one, odor-containing box. No need to waste several bags trying to contain the mess. When it’s full, you put it in the garbage and replace it with a fresh bag.


Odors aren’t the only thing to worry about when cleaning a litter box. Cats poop can contain the Toxoplasma gondii. A parasite that causes toxoplasmosis (2) and felines are common carriers.  Cats pick up the Toxoplasma gondii parasite by eating rodents and wild birds. Luckily, it rarely affects a cat’s health since its immune system fights it—the same goes for most humans.

But, if you’re pregnant and get infected, you can pass the parasite on to your unborn baby (3). This can cause diseases of the eyes and the nervous system in babies. Not something an expecting mother wants. A litter disposal system minimizes your contact with the cat feces. This decreases your exposure to bacteria and other infectious agents.

It’s also healthier for your cat, who can get stressed by a dirty litter box. This is especially important for cats who are immunocompromised, like cats with FIV.

A tabby cat researches the best litter disposal systems online.

Finding the best cat litter disposal system

With a large variety of cat litter disposal systems available, it can be tricky to filter the good from the ugly. Here are some points to help you with your search:

Air-tight seal

Odor control is the number one reason cat parents invest in a litter disposal system. But not all models are good at this. 

The part of the container that keeps the odors trapped in the lid or “trapper.” These must be air-tight, without gaps for the smells to escape. Flimsy options aren’t likely to work.

Number of cats and container size

The size of the container should match the number of cats in your home. They come in different sizes. Picking the right size is important.

If you only have one kitty, consider how much waste it produces in a day. A week?  Avoid buying a litter disposal system that’s too large. This can cause the litter to sit in the liner for too long and it might start to biodegrade.

For multi-cat households, you should look for larger models. You may even want to consider getting two, so you can have one near each litter box. This makes life a lot easier when cleaning.

Scoop holder

A litter scoop holder on the litter disposal system is a convenient feature to have. You’ll have everything you need right where you need it. 

Scoop holders keep you from coming into close contact with kitty waste. It’s also a way to keep it away from other members of the family, like little kids. Be sure to check since not all systems come with this neat feature. 

Compatible layer bags

Litter disposal systems include layer bags that hold the waste inside the container. It’s important to check that there are compatible bags available once you run out. Low-end brands often stop producing bags when they launch new models. This leaves cat parents having to buy a brand new system because the old model is now obsolete.

Cute upside down tri-colored tuxedo cat.

The best cat litter disposal systems

Using our criteria above, we managed to find the best cat litter disposal systems, plus four alternatives. 

1. Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Disposal System

The Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free litter disposal system is a convenient option for kitty parents. It’s a compact design, made of ABS resin, sporting a neutral grey, which fits in with most home decors.

This premium option includes a continuous bagging system. All you do is fill the liner, use the attached cutter to separate it, and then dispose of it in the trash. The Litter Champ refill liners are durable and should last two to three months per cat.

What’s great about the Litter Champ liners is that they’re biodegradable and made of recallable material. They biodegrade within 9 months to 5 years, reducing you and your kittie’s impact on the environment.

The pail holds 4 gallons of kitty waste before you need to deal with waste disposal. It has a convenient door that exposes the bag and cutter. There’s also a child-safe lock, keeping any curious toddlers out of the cat litter.

The best feature of this cat litter disposal system is the triple-seal design. It provides an air-tight seal, keeping any odors from escaping.

Also included in the bundle is a litter scoop and scoop holder. You’ll have everything you need plus a 5-year warranty.

Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Disposal System
  • Revolutionary cat-waste disposal system with continuous bagging system
  • Elegant ABS resin design fits into your home décor
  • No assembly or batteries required
  • 4-gallon capacity
  • Includes free bag liner, litter scoop, and 5-year manufacturer's warranty

2. Litter Genie Plus Pail 

Litter Genie Plus cat litter disposal system offers convenient litter disposal to cat parents. It provides hassle-free odor control. After you dump the waste into the pail, you then pull the handle on the front, allowing it to fall into the liner. As you let go of the lever, it seals the container off, letting no smells to escape.

By sealing the waste in, you’re minimizing your exposure to potential parasites and bacteria found in cat poop. The refills last up to 10 weeks, with each section being able to hold up to two week’s worth of waste.

 The compact appearance of the Litter Genie is also a huge plus. It’s perfect for small spaces where you’d have the litter box and won’t become an eyesore. You can choose between silver or black. On the side, there’s a scoop holder where you can hang the included scoop. 


Litter Genie Plus Pail
  • As easy as 1-2-3 - from the makers of Diaper Genie, our nose-friendly, life-improving cat litter disposal system works in just three steps. Scoop the pet waste, open the lid and drop the clumps, and pull the handle to lock it in.
  • Hassle-free odor control - inhibits odors caused by bacteria on the pail, and a refill that lasts 10 weeks for one cat (that's 30% longer than our standard refill), the Litter Genie plus pail Locks away germs and odors to keep your house smelling fresh.
  • Jackson Galaxy approved - as a cat behaviorist for over 20 years, Jackson Galaxy, the official cat Daddy, understands what it takes to create a Happy home for cats and the people who love them. Litter Genie is a necessity (not a luxury) in his home and that’s why he recommends this cat litter disposal system to all Cat owners across America.
  • Kiss trash trips goodbye - The pail holds up to 14 days of cat litter (for one cat) so you can spend more time playing with your kitty and less time making daily trash trips.
  • A perfect fit - The compact design makes Litter Genie Perfect for small spaces and homes with multiple litter boxes. Discreetly store your pail in a cabinet or small space Near your cat's litter box for quick, hassle-free clean up.

3. PetFusion Portable Cat Litter Disposal

The PetFusion Portable cat litter disposal is an excellent option for multi-cat households. The container features a portable handle. Making it easy to bring around the home to different litter boxes. 

It features a fixed waste receptacle. You can do your daily scooping without having litter scatter everywhere. Included with the container are biodegradable litter bags. You’ll receive 10 in total that can each hold up to two weeks of waste. 

The bags are 100% compostable and certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) under the U.S. standard ASTM D6400. They’ll reduce your impact on the environment while keeping the waste contained. What’s more, PetFusion states that you can use any bags once you run out.

The non-toxic charcoal cat litter deodorizer keeps the container odor-free for up to 6 months. Also, the lid includes a locking handle and silicone gasket. This further stops any smells from seeping into the atmosphere.

It’s a tall, the 16.7-inch container that can hold waste from several kitties. Included is also a 12-month warranty.


PetFusion Portable Cat Litter Disposal
  • EASY CLEANING FOR YOUR CAT'S WELLNESS: (i) Fixed waste receptacle promotes daily scooping & a happier cat. (ii) Reduces scattered litter
  • REDUCES ODOR: (i) Locking handle, (ii) Silicone gasket, (iii) Includes non-toxic charcoal cat litter deodorizer (~6 month life)
  • INCLUDES BIODEGRADABLE/COMPOSTABLE LITTER DISPOSAL BAGS: (i) 5 bags total; each bag holds up to 2 weeks of waste. (ii) Waste Bags Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) under US standard ASTM D6400 and Certified OK Compost Home under European standard EN 13432. (iii) We're committed to finding better ways to take care of our environment.
  • DESIGNED TO SAVE YOU MONEY: (i) Freely use bags & deodorizers of YOUR CHOICE, see photos on left. (ii) Portable handle to easily move between litter boxes
  • WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: (i) Recyclable. (ii) 16. 7" tall x 9. 5 x 9. 5, easy to store. (iii) Passes stricter European REACH safety standards. (iv) 12 month for manufacturer defects

4. PawPail Pet Waste Station

If your litter box is on the patio, or you take your box outside to empty it, check out the Pet Waste Station from PawPail. This is a commercial quality waste container designed to withstand outdoor elements. It’s both UV and weather-resistant while sporting a sleek, modern appearance.

The PawPail was originally designed for dogs of all sizes until cat parents caught on. Now it’s a favorite for kitties too. It’s a well-thought system that dispenses thick, durable, leakproof PawBag poop bags. Included in the bundle are 200 pieces.

Once you have the poop scooped up into the bag, open the lid and dump inside. The PawPail features patented DualVent technology. Placed in a well-ventilated area, air circulates in and around the pail. This controls odors without requiring special liners. An activated carbon air filter further keeps smells trapped.


PawPail Pet Waste Station
  • A commercial quality pet waste station for your home: manufactured with UV and weather resistant materials in a sleek, modern design.
  • PawPail is a dog waste container that discreetly stores and dispenses our thick, strong, leakproof PawBag dog poop bags.
  • Patented DualVent technology controls odors and eliminates the need for liner garbage bags - reducing plastic waste.
  • The Activated Carbon Air Filter inside the dog poop container traps and removes harmful odors and chemicals from the air.
  • The PawPail Mounting System (sold separately) allows for flexible placement of your dog waste station.

5. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

The hands-free diaper pail from Dekor. This disposal system is fantastic, whether you use it for diapers or kitty litter.

What’s great about this is that it’s completely hands-free. It features a foot pedal that you push to open the lid and dump the litter waste through the trap door. It’s straightforward and hygienic.

It’s also very efficient at keeping odors at bay. It comes with powder-scented refills that reduce smells. Each refill can also hold more than other pails, making it a good option for multi-cat households.

The liners come in a continuous roll. Use the built-in cutter to separate what you’re dumping in the garbage. Don’t forget to tie a knot! The pail comes pre-assembled and with pre-installed refills.

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail
  • Totally Hands-Free: Step, Drop, Done! No Bending, No Twisting, No Squishing, Unlike Ordinary Pails!
  • Most Cost-Effective Diaper Pail Refill System on the Market. Dekor Refill System Creates Less Waste - Use ONLY What You Need!
  • Effective Triple Odor Control Keeps the Smell in the Pail
  • Award Winning Product Tested by Millions of Parents
  • Closed-Cell ABS Plastic Works Like Metal but Won't Rust

Final verdict

Cat litter will stink up the house if it’s not disposed of properly and regularly. Using a cat litter disposal system is one way to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

So which is the best cat litter disposal system? All the systems reviewed above are worth a try. But our favorite is the Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Disposal System. It’s a compact design, fitting well with most home decor, and it works wonders at keeping odors trapped. 

The Litter Champ includes biodegradable liners that are straightforward to use and cut. On the side, there’s a scoop holder, making everything easier for the person on poop duty.


  1. https://www.petmd.com/cat/care/evr_ct_ultimate-guide-to-eliminating-cat-pee-smell 
  2. https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/toxoplasmosis/gen_info/faqs.html
  3. https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/toxoplasmosis/epi.html 


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